3 reasons to hire a software development company to launch your startup

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reasons to hire a software development company to launch your startup

Imagine the situation: you already have a brilliant idea, you are sure that your product/service will make millions of lives happier, easier, better. The investor also seems to believe in your idea and is willing to fund the venture. You feel absolutely inspired and motivated to change the world and here comes the question – what’s next?

Among a great deal of tasks every startup founder has to cope with, there is a bunch of software development tasks, namely:

  • Selection of the appropriate development tools for your product
  • Building your project team
  • Cost optimization to get the most of your budget

Let’s keep in mind time-to-market pressure. You have to start selling your product before you run out of a budget, since you may not raise new funds to develop it further.

In this article, I would like to reveal how demanding these tasks may be for a business founder and how a software development team can shorten your pass to launch saving you effort, time and money.

Selection of the appropriate development tools

Selection of the appropriate development tools for your product

As a rule, development of a software solution requires the right technology selection. It impacts the time and cost of the development and eventually – maintenance and support. Some other essential factors to consider when making technology choices are software performance, security and scalability requirements. So the wrong choice can cost you a lot in the long run, right up to total software redesign using another technology.Obviously, it is reasonable to discuss technology needs with a developer who has experience with a wide range of technologies. In case you deal with, let’s say, PHP developer, it is likely that he will recommend you guess what.

Agency brings several opinions at your disposal since each developer has a unique experience. This helps to analyze certain project requirements unbiasedly from many perspectives and select the right technology.

Building your dedicated software development team

Building your dedicated software development team

From my personal standpoint, building a devoted and productive team is the most challenging task. On a large scale success is a matter of team’s values and motivation, rather than just a set of technical skills.

All starts with hiring people. You will have to define the needed resources and set skills criteria to meet your project requirements. Then you will go through the process of search, reaching out, interviewing and verifying your candidate’s’ skills. Let’s assume you need to hire a designer, a frontend developer, a backend developer to start building a product. How much time do you think it will take you? Not to speak about certain experience required to recruit tech specialists. All this consumes your time and postpones the launch. Besides, if anybody drops from the team you will have to start from the beginning to find a new member.

Ok, finally the team is staffed and ready to start. But is it actually a team? On average, it takes 3 months for people to get to know each other and work in a full efficiency.

When you hire an agency you get the whole team at one place from the start. It is a fully staffed capable team of designer, developers, tester and project manager.

Other specialists can also be quickly brought into play to get any specific tasks done.

An additional advantage is that these people have worked together on several projects. Thus, they know how to approach each other and have established time-tested communication channels.

Startup business solutions

Choose startup business solutions that will optimize your cost

Let’s say you have $200k budget to build your product. To bring it to market in 3 months you will need to find 2 frontend and 2 backend developers. This will fit your budget. However, actually, you will need a designer, a project manager, a tester and possibly several other specialists.

In this case, there are 3 variables you can impact to stay within your budget:

  • team size: you can reduce the number of developers which means extending your time-to-market twice to 6 months;
  • product: you can cross some features of your product which means compromising on its value for future users;
  • development cost: you can hire a ready-to-go software development team at a lower cost which means keeping your project on budget, timeline and in full scope.

So, last but not least, the advantage of working with a remote agency is the development cost.

Hope this explains how a software development company can help you resolve the riskiest and the most time-consuming tasks related to software development and shorten a pass to your dream.

By Kateryna Ponomarenko

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