At Transparen we don't just build apps, we turn ideas into reality.

Originally founded in 2003 we are a boutique firm focused on helping partners from Canada and the USA launch mobile apps for their businesses. Our Canada-US-Ukraine team combines East and West, to the benefit of all. We are entrepreneurs just like you, so we understand your objectives and how to meet them.

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We create user friendly sites and apps.

We love to join forces with fellow strategists, design thinkers, and innovators.



DevOps Admin, Founder, Canada

Case has close to a decade’s experience in front-end development and system administration (especially Linux). He’s well connected in the industry, and for each project, pulls together the right people for the job. When not collaborating with clients or reading up on new programming trends, he can be found nose-deep in a book, or dedicating time to becoming a polymath.



CEO / Lead Tech

When not occupied in sky diving or racing cars, Sergey is an adept full stack developer and system administrator.



React and React Native Lead

Evgeniy has close to a decade of experience in API development, front-end development including lately React and React Native.



App Design Lead

Irina blends hard-core creativity and discipline with technical knowledge of frameworks and user interface conventions.



Partner, Austin Texas

Specializing in finding ways for everyone to win, Steve has deep experience in capital markets, Latin American markets, and bonds trading. A veteran, gentleman and a scholar, Steve helps make our customers businesses, and our partnerships with them, more successful.



Lead Artist

When we need something drawn up or animated - and we constantly do - we turn to Slava, and he can get it done. Originally a quick drawing artist, he has turned his skills towards high technology and nowadays does it all digitally.



Web Design Lead

Need a site or an app designed quickly and properly, with an eye to detail and correct interpretation of requirements - that's a job for Katya. Katya is also studying computer science.



Master of Verses

The best hypertext markup is hand-made, responsive, and beautifully put together with appropriate animations and effects. Inna does all that and more, producing beautiful work each time..



CSS and React Developer

Need something made quickly - Pasha quickly understands what is needed and is ready to get it done!


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