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Transparency cultivates trust which is the sole foundation for long-lasting relationships. Being transparen’ in our promises we would never take a task which we can not deliver or commit to a timeline which is not realistic. We openly express critical opinions warning our customers about possible problems and advising them better solutions. Consistent delivery and progress reporting is a right way to build trust.


One head is good. Two – better. Collaboration with teammates, customers, product users is a winning formula, where the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. We combine team’s technical expertise with a deep domain knowledge of our customers to build meaningful products. Working together with potential users to verify hypotheses, collect feedback and enhance user experience helps to meet their expectations and deliver value.


We like to initiate at Transparen do something one was not told to do. Initiative pushes you out of the comfort zone to produce the results one could never expect to achieve. There is always a space for initiative throughout our lives and projects we work on. When customers share ideas with us, we generate new concepts to make them even better. We pursue new opportunities focus on their core priorities and make their lives easier.


Flexibility helps to thrive in the world driven by change. Despite any predictions, there always will be unexpected circumstances to adapt to. Though we like to have a reasonable part of planning, experimenting and testing approach allows us to shape the future instead of predicting it. To deal with constraints we prioritize and focus on what is the most important and valuable from the perspective of our objectives right now.


See what people are saying

Transparen effectively rescued and rebuilt an incomplete and poorly designed website from a local IT company that we had originally contracted with. Not only did they get the site up and running quickly, they helped guide us to make smart decisions for the site that would serve us long term. Their project management team communicated with us regularly, clearly and was available to address any questions or concerns we had.  My only regret is that we didn’t start off working with Transparen in the beginning!

Aviva Wittenberg

Founder, PipsPass Inc.

We have been working with Case and his team for over 10 years now.  They have developed numerous projects for our business and provided a backbone of daily support for our customers.  We have developed Apps, WordPress websites, e-commerce sites, and they provide monthly support to our servers and website updates as needed.  They are a team you can trust to build your business.

Jennifer Jedow

Jedow Interactive, LLC

I have worked with several development shops all over the world, but I have never worked with firm like Transparen, they really get into the depths of your business before building technology around it, this to me is the fundamental reason and clear competitive advantage that sets Trasparen from every development shop who only scrape the surface, I am clearly pleased with the level of professionalism and caliber of talent Transparen has under its roof.  I consider Transparen a long term partner in the growth of our company, I would highly recommend any company or project to Transparen.

James Albis

Snohub, CEO


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