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All About Building Success.
We Know Startups.

We are here to help you build, launch, manage, grow and execute a viable business.

In NYC Startup we are focused on building companies and making sure that the companies we work with are in the best hands possible, because we have a track record of success, and we also know what can and does wrong in the startup world.

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Leadership. Who Is James.

For 20 years, James has focused on taking companies to the next level of growth, profitability and sustainability, leaving companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. Acting as a sounding board and key advisor to founders of startups and mid-cap companies, James has a successful and proven track record across multiple disciplines including sales, marketing, business development, product development, and expansion into new markets.

James has been able to drive topline revenue over $100 million for various products and brands, and has also successfully raised over $20 million in private financing, providing companies with working capital to fuel growth.

Possessing a "get it done no matter the size of the obstacles" adaptive personality, and the skills and experiences to match that, James is someone you want in your corner.

Our Winning Team Focuses on the Big Apple: New York New York!

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James Albis

Business Plan, Investor Presentation, Executive Coaching
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Case Jones

Synthesis between Business and Technology, DevOps
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Public Relations, Media Relations
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Design, Mobile Apps, Functional and Aesthetic Websites
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Steve Clark

Marketing, Partnerships


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Reduced Risk of Financial Loss

Don't put your hard earned money or your investors money at risk: we ensure that risk is contained or mitigated at all levels.

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Increase Opportunity for Success

We will work every angle across your company's value chain to ensure you have the best chance of winning.

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Establishing a sustainable competitive advantage is one thing, but keeping you ahead of competition, road blocks and obstacles is another. We work closely with you and all stakeholders to proactively do that.

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Let's Make a Startup!

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