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Mobile app for ordering snow clearing service.


The future of snow clearing

For SnoHub the goal was to create a simple and intuitive native app which allows homeowners to order snow plowing on-demand while creating a new platform for anyone with a pickup and plow to easily connect with customers, changing the snow clearing business landscape at an entirely new level.


SnoHub created a one of a kind experience that focused on the core needs of app users - ordering a snow removal service, identifying and picking the jobs nearby. The SnoHub apps provide users information about service cost and estimated time of arrival; provides real time communication, snow depth measurement, and photos that provide a visual time stamp coupled with one easy and secure payment gateway within the app.

5 min

estimated time of arrival


Robust payment and secure system

SnoHub provides a secure payment system so users don’t have to be concerned with the integrity of their credit cards. We chose the Stripe payment system which is also used by notable technology companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Users communicate with Stripe directly, using the app interface, and Stripe sends a secure token back to Snohub's servers, which is used to process future payments. Stripe controls the information about the credit cards, but gives us the functionality to process payments when needed. SnoHub protects its clients at every step even while executing complex business logic.

Real-time order tracking system

The SNOHUB apps provide reliable real-time information about the order status to both homeowners and snow plow drivers. In order to ensure the user gets notified, SNOHUB sends notifications in three different ways: inside of the app by means of websockets, by means of push notification to the mobile device if the app is closed, and by email. For example, when the homeowner places an order, a notification inside of the app places the order in front of active drivers. Drivers always see a real-time listing of all the orders and can start picking them as soon as they are placed. Thus, homeowners can easily track the status of their orders and be sure that orders will be processed as soon as possible.


GPS tracking system

SnoHub provides a live map of the snow plow driver's locations to homeowners. So they can see nearby drivers and have an idea of how fast an order can be processed before even placing it. At the same time, service providers can select any order and see how long it takes to get there and which direction to go. Google maps takes care of all of the issues. Homeowners can even watch the map to see their driver coming!

Featured highlights

  • Service cost estimate
    Homeowner shares simple driveway details with service provider to get a cost estimate
  • Provider arrival time
    Homeowner gets notified about the service provider's ETA
  • Before and after photos
    The service provider notify the home owner that the job is done, and provide before and after photos to prove it
  • Online payment
    Homeowners are billed and pay for the service automatically
  • Recurring Service mode
    Service providers accept recurring orders automatically based on the weather forecast


The Future of Snow Clearing is Here!