Do I really need a discovery phase to launch a software product?

Discovery phase of a software project excites me. Not just because it is giving birth to something new. It is rather a controversial topic when it comes to quoting projects with a fixed budget.

Recently I’ve got such a feedback from a customer: ”Guys, I am not impressed at all, every team offers me the same thing – discovery phase. However, my project is not so complicated to do a research on it”. Another time I’ve heard: “Guys, give me the quote for the whole project, I don’t want to pay just for a software development plan”.

So is that really true that developers invented discovery phase to make money out of thin air as any customer may think? Or is there any strong reason for their insisting on completing it?

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4 mistakes for startups to avoid when building an app

It happens that a founder extremely focuses on the application he is looking to build ignoring other essential aspects which determine business’s success or failure. As a result, you get a fully functioning, yet useless app which gets no customers and generates no revenue for you. Here I am listing four crucial mistakes associated with such an approach and things to think over when you are launching a digital business.

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3 reasons to hire a software development company to launch your startup

Imagine the situation: you already have a brilliant idea, you are sure that your product/service will make millions of lives happier, easier, better. The investor also seems to believe in your idea and is willing to fund the venture. You feel absolutely inspired and motivated to change the world and here comes the question – what’s next?

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